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Stuart King’s debut album featuring all original tunes.

With guest artists Greg O’Rourke and James Luke

If you are a music lover and feel like experiencing some new and colourful sounds, then get your copy of Qualia here below because you can’t download it anywhere else!

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Track Listing:

1 – Forty One (5:09)

2 – Stu’s Blues (5:11)

3 – Another Time (5:07)

4 – Waterfalls (4:47)

5 – Alyce (5:00)

6 – Great Ocean Road (5:29)

7 – Qualia (4:24)

All compositions by Stuart King

Copyright 2016 Stuart King. All rights reserved.

Download the charts from the recording session for ‘Qualia’

These are the charts I used in the recording session – in fact these are the files I emailed directly to the musicians involved in this project

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