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Hi there fellow music lover, welcome to my site and thanks for stopping by!

Here’s a brief introduction to who I am and what I do:

I’m a professional guitarist and composer based in Australia. I’ve been playing for over 25 years and teaching guitar for more than 15 years.

As a child I started out playing rock, pop and country and I was more or less self taught for the first 5 years.

During my school days I studied classical guitar and composition.

After school I continued to study music at the Australian National University, where I studied classical guitar, composition, and finally jazz guitar and improvisation, which became my passion.

After 5 years at music school I finished my studies and have been teaching and playing professionally since.

I’ve played in many jazz groups, musical theater productions, symphony orchestras and even the odd rock band. I’ve also done session work, performed with some of the greatest musicians in Australia and I’ve played countless other gigs!

My main focus is the creative aspect of guitar playing and I often develop that through studying improvisation, writing music and performing.

To find or more or to stay in touch, then please sign up to the mailing list below because I love sharing my music and lessons with you!

All the best,

Stuart King